How You Can Help Save Your Company $1 Million Dollars

Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) impacts productivity on a global scale.  I just finished working with a company that had little and very ineffective Content Management Strategy.  They were just coming out of the File Share Era.  To help them save over $1 million dollars in lost time and prodcutivity. We identified three scenarios where we trained users on the Content Services Lifecycle from AIIM and used Microsoft applications and services to help in the content cration process.

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Delve – Find out What is Important

Have you ever heard that you are what you do? Delve is the visual representation of that great quote. In April of 2015, Microsoft announced this thing called Delve. This was the next evolution of the User Profile. For the past three years, many people ask me “what is Delve used for”? Here is my answer. To find and show things that are most important to you that you want to show off to others. Continue reading “Delve – Find out What is Important”

7 Good Reasons for SharePoint Permission Inheritance

Most SharePoint websites are created speedily, with the aim of solving a particular problem or getting a specific set of information to people who need it quickly.

That’s good, but the structure of the site that you start with often becomes the default structure as your site collection grows and is required to meet other kinds of needs. This growth can result in permissions-settings chaos, where everyone in the organization has full control over subsites or every individual requires new permissions for every new site they need to use.

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What to Monitor about Office 365

Office 365 roadmap – This is where Microsoft publishes what features are in development, rolling out, launched, etc. –Many updates to Office 365 are announced and described in detail in a single blog. You can use an RSS Reader to follow updates related to Office 365 and filter the posts inside the general blog by the different products in which you are interested. The SharePoint blog is However, more and more you will find that Microsoft will announce new features and capabilities in the Tech Community – so make sure you are following the communities listed below.

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