Feed the PMO

keep-calm-and-contact-the-pmo-2What does it mean to feed the PMO.  The PMO is a group of people that need information about the projects that are being worked.  The more information that is fed to the PMO, the smoother the projects will run.

Feed the PMO members with current status all your projects weekly if they are running smoothly, daily if they are not.  Report and track issues so that everyone involved can see the progress.  Identify risks and let everyone know what is being done to mitigate.

What form does this information take? Most of the time it takes the form of Email. yuck.  It is better if you have standard applications that allow you to collect, track and report these items in a way that it does not clog emails. A typical Project Manager has 4-5 projects progressing at a time.  the amount of emails that are generated is great.  Find a way to store this information electronically, searchable, and reportable. A project PMO portal like BrightWork, works very well.


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