A Clearing . . . An Agile Essential Prime

The Primes by Chris McGoff is a great book for groups to solve problems at any level of an organization.  I was re reading this book for the umpteenth time and came across “A Clearing” prime. First let me explain what a glaring is.  2016-09-14_14-50-48

A clearing is a void where nothing exists, except a chair, a desk.  NO technology, people, meetings, distractions, interruptions, biases, and legacy information.  In short it is a place where you can concentrate on the declared outcome.  You only bring with you what is needed to solve the problem, build the application, or create. You guard this clearing.  You only let in the essentials to achieving the outcome.

What does this sound like.  Hmm.

An Agile project workspace.  A place where a group of people come together with the essentials to concentrate on the declared stories during that sprint.  So, what gets in a Share Workspace?  Here is a list of the essentials.

  1. Table and chairs for needed people.
  2. White board for brainstorming
  3. Kanban board
  4. Burn down Chart
  5. A window with natural light coming in
  6. Any network connection needed to be able to work

It is the scrum masters responsibility to make sure the clearing is conducive to getting tasks completed for the stories during the sprint.  If this clearing becomes cluttered or filled with unnecessary stuff, then the velocity of tasks could suffer.

The Clearing that can be used for all is especially needed for Agile methods to work.  The clearing for remote employees is a discussion that will be explored later.


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