Five Points for Friday

It is almost the weekend. Here is what I am working on, thinking about, and enjoying.

Music I am listening to —

Jazz on Amazon Alexa – Since we had the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I just watched a scene where Captain Picard asked the computer to play music.  With Amazon Alexa, I have that same feature in my office.

What I am reading —

I just finished the book Mastery from Robert Greene.  Great stories on how mastery is achieved.  I have practiced Aikido for many hours, but still not a Master.  Mastery is not achieved, but worked on for a lifetime.

Here is a Blog Post you might have missed —

Project Management is an art, the manager needs to have great people supporting the project.  You improve those project by having frequent and effective how to improve discussions.  A good Retrospective is a start.

Agile Methodology —

The Agile Manifesto.  declares that people and collaboration should be valued over tools and processes.  Agile fundamentally puts people at the center.  As a PMO is started and developed, it is important to remember that.

A Possible Success criteria for Agile —

It is not about doing more work in less time; it is about generating more value with less work.

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Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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