Five Roles of an Intranet Portal

When you look to improve your intranet homepage, start off by determining what additions will benefit the company. This isn’t necessarily a poor route to take, but before doing this, it’s important to consider the role or roles that an intranet homepage actually serves. An intranet homepage is not singular in function, and understanding how it can be used is a huge step in the right direction.

Once you learn how to harness the power of your homepage, there’s no telling how many uses you may find for it. Keeping this in mind, here are some common roles that an intranet homepage can serve, all of which should be considered before discussing the “must-haves” you eventually want to incorporate:

  • News Center — An intranet homepage is the place where employees find themselves after logging into the social community. Because of the high level of visibility, this is the perfect place to present recent news and happenings. By using your intranet homepage to keep people up to date on what’s going on, you can drastically reduce the challenge of distributing news to employees.
  • Collaboration Tool — Collaboration between employees is the heartbeat of your intranet, and it’s important to make it easy for people to work together. Many intranets already have this functionality built-in, but collaborating with others can sometimes mean clicking several links before arriving at a collaboration space. If you place collaboration tools right on the intranet homepage, you reduce the struggle and will foster greater collaboration.
  • Navigation Hub — Intranet navigation can become challenging, especially as the community grows and absorbs more information. If navigation is difficult, your productivity and employee engagement will decline. For this, and many other reasons, your homepage should serve as a navigation hub that makes it easy for people to access what they need without restrictions.
  • Widget Launch Pad — “Widgets” can be immensely helpful, and your intranet homepage is an excellent area to place them. However, too many widgets can be overwhelming. Stick to the basics, and place widgets where they will get used without distraction.
  • Internal Marketing — Internal marketing often gets overlooked, yet it can be a very effective way to get employees engaged in your organization. The entire homepage shouldn’t be reserved for internal marketing purposes, but you might find great value in devoting a small section to it.

SharePoint is here and it is the most used Intranet Portal platform for business.  Remember that SharePoint is a platform and it is used to build services for your business.  Each of these roles can be built on top of a SharePoint Implementation.


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