Intranet Portal must have – Prioritization of Key Information

Prioritization of Key Information

No matter what your intranet homepage is comprised of, you will have key information that needs to be prioritized. Prioritization gives staff members everything they need to handle basic daily business processes. This is in direct contrast to homepages that are loaded with random information, most of which never gets used. Keep key information at the top of the page, and you won’t have to deal with this all-too-common problem.

1-300x300You should only need to click three times to get to the info that you need.  Anymore, and the information is hidden.  Mapping out where key information is will help your users find that info when needed, better yet, make search more prevalent, fine tune it, nurture it so that the most searched for items are displayed first.

Key information can be distributed across many different places.  There is even a Search as a Service with Microsoft that can curate and display results from many different locations.

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