Monday Morning Edge – Fill up your Intranet

monday-morning-postWhy has the Intranet lagged behind the more formal Internet web page, when the Intranet is by far more important.  Properly build and roll out your Intranet will have a huge return on the investment that you make.

Go out and look at your Intranet.  I bet you can point to three types of pages.

  1. Flat or static pages or Post-It
  2. Interactive content Use-It
  3. Extranet or Ecommerce type applications Sell-It

Each type of page located on your Intranet provides information to you.

Examples of Flat content include:

  • Mission Statement page
  • Travel aids
  • Directories
  • Internal Newsletters
  • Calendars
  • FAQ’s

Examples of Interactive content include:

  • E-Mail apps
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Search Applications
  • Forms processing
  • Community of Practices

Extranet or Ecommerce content include:

  • Electronic databases and journals
  • Newsfeeds
  • Business intelligence info

With Office 365 and SharePoint online, you can build an Intranet, fill it and reap the benefits for much less that you think.  After you review your Intranet, let me know what is on yours.

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