Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Issues Resolved

During a recent architecture design session (ADS) that I did, the client wanted to use Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. The Domain Name that was chosen as their Office 365 Tenant Name ended up not being the name they wanted in the end.

The Company had an Exchange Online Domain and a SharePoint Online Site listed as and they wanted to change these to and, respectively.

Office 365 is set up in such a way that SharePoint is a Multi-tenant environment and the Azure AD that is used in the back ground is not able to have the tenant name changed. A new Tenant must be created and the content needs to be migrated.

For Exchange Online, the migration path is pretty straightforward.  They simply register with Office 365, then apply to their Exchange Online tenant.  But in SharePoint Online, however, once you pick your domain name, you cannot change the URL of your private site collections.  You can change the URL of your public site collection, but you only get one of those and it is so severely restricted in its functionality that I hesitate to even call it SharePoint.  So, in order to convert their SharePoint Online URL to “,” the company needed to migrate to a new Office 365 tenant.

If you ever need to change the URL of your SharePoint Online sites, you need to migrate to a new Office 365 tenant.  Not just SharePoint; Office 365.  Exchange needs to be migrated as well.  The company bought and its name is changed, you need to migrate to a new tenant and migrate Exchange.  If you decide to brand your intranet with a unique name–which is a good idea–you need to migrate to a new tenant and migrate Exchange.

Do Not add your second domain name (, in our example) to your first tenant, you have to remove the domain name from the tenant and then wait up to 90 days for it to finally clear out of Microsoft’s systems.

The two tools that can help you with this migration situation are”

  1. ShareGate
  2. Migration Wiz

I have the expertise that you need to make this a smoother process. Do not go at it alone. Contact @BradHolt_IT for a consultation.

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