Intranet Portal Mistake #7: Dismissing Web 2.0’s role in the enterprise


Corporations struggle to see how social networking can have a positive impact on the business, and they’re fearful of lost productivity. But a growing number of companies (Dow, Wachovia, and even Uncle Sam) have jumped in with high expectations, after realizing the power of social sites like LinkedIn.

It’s important to recognize the underlying reality that business is social. When employees feel more connected to the people they work with, they are more connected with the company as well, which is good for business. A social network allows employees to discover people, workgroup associations, trends and resources that help them become more effective in their role.

Ideally your intranet will become a massive collaboration platform, driven almost completely by the community. Users will flock to the intranet to access a high volume of quality information, appreciating the simplicity of the experience.

Furthermore, an intranet that enables cross-enterprise collaboration can also have an immediate, positive impact on productivity. Workgroups give employees, business partners, suppliers and customers an online place for the work to happen. Central online meeting places make it easy for people to connect to share ideas, store project-specific information, establish procedures, review and discuss documents and deliverables, resolve issues, make decisions and get work done.

Let them use the intranet as their meeting place, and you’ll avoid the “ghost town” syndrome.

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