Intranet Portal Mistake #9: Minimizing the importance of robust search

2016-10-21_13-26-39How many times have you failed to find an important document; one you were absolutely certain you saved in a folder on the file server? If you can’t easily find content that you personally filed, how will others find files on the corporate intranet?

Pick a product that provides users with several options for search, including traditional search (by specific words or phrases) via an online catalog organized by company-defined categories; or by filtering through content they’ve personally tagged or to which they’ve given custom labels.

By demanding a product with multi-faceted search, you can pull together all content and people connected to one other in some fashion: keywords, tags, categories, author, department and more, to make your intranet even more valuable.

Now you have it: the secrets to launching an intranet that your community will love. There’s a lot of power to be harnessed from a corporate intranet: streamlined workflows, community-building and collaboration tools. It’s up to CIOs to show their companies how.

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