2017 – My year of The Intranet

This is the year of the Intranet. The year that the Intranet is the place where employees get stuff done.  A place where Employees go to find information.  Microsoft’s Office 365 offers Organizations a way to significantly change the Enterprises Home Page. 

The Intranet’s primary responsibility is distributing information.  In today’s worker environment, many terabytes of information are created and stored for an employee to find, digest, and use during their day at work.  Company new, events, policies and procedures plus a whole host of other information can be hosted on an Enterprise Intranet.  Search utilizes the index of all this information so that workers can find needed information quickly.  The Home Page should also deliver the most relevant information to the employee when they need it. 

The Intranet’s secondary responsibility is collaboration between workers.  Office 365 also comes with a host of Collaboration tools that make working together easier.  Microsoft Planner, Teams, and Outlook Groups all play a part in collaborative work.  Microsoft allows the worker to choose what tool will work best in the situation. 

Executing a SaaS-Based Intranet Project – There are four areas that an Enterprise Intranet delivers to employees. 

  1. Content and Communication
  2. Tasks and Tools
  3. Social Engagement
  4. Collaboration. 

In the coming posts, I will look at all the tools that Microsoft Office 365 Offers and how to best use them and how they fit into these four areas.  

Brad R. Holt works with enterprise organizations to better use Office 365 Services to enable better decision and collaboration around the world.  To see what Brad Holt is working on, Check out www.Level5PMO.com  and www.bradrholt.com.

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