Intranet Content – How To’s

This type of content describes how to perform different business tasks within an organization. Examples include how to process a sales order, invoice a customer, identify new customers and order a new laptop.

Most intranets are a collection of Web pages, policies and procedures. New organizations create this type of content as they identify and create new tasks. For existing organizations, employees can update and change this content as the company introduces new processes, systems, practices, innovations, ideas, products and services.

Potentially, all staff can create this content. The value of this type of content is that it “de-skills” many tasks, and spreads knowledge throughout the organization. This makes it less expensive and more efficient for organizations to operate, as employees are able to complete more tasks quickly and consistently.

I created a publishing site in SharePoint where we set up all How To Documents for Call Center group.  I reduced the amount of paper used in the center by 90%, and sped up the time needed to find the correct information by 65%.

Look at any email, paper, or communication that explains how to do something within a business and put it on the Intranet.  It can be updated regularly, found by search and will make employees happy.


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