SharePoint and Intranets need Quick, Iterative, Development, Period.

This just confirms the approach I have been using or the last decade when it comes to Intranet designs.  AGILE, Iterative, and Quick to add Value.

Quick, Iterative, Development

Intranet teams continue to be nimble. The average time spent creating a new intranet was just 1.4 years, staying on par with timeframes from the previous 3 years’ winners. For some organizations, it is difficult to even calculate the time for  their current intranet designs, as they were part of longer-term iterative planning and development processes.

A switch to faster development strategies (such as Agile) for intranets contributes to these shorter times, as does the continual improvement of intranet platforms and tools that can help teams create solidly designed sites more quickly than ever before.

Since 2001, intranet teams have spent an average of three years (36 months) creating their winning designs. But more recently, for 4 years straight, winning intranet teams have spent less than 1.5 years creating their sites; this year’s average is 1.4 years, or 17.3 months. 

Looking at the long-term changes across the 18 years represented in the above chart makes it seem that we’ve come full circle: In 2017 we’re back where we started in 2001, after a detour with slower intranet projects around the period 2005–2012. However, our assessment is that we’re not exactly back where we started: the quick projects in 2001 were mainly due to very limited investments in intranets at the time, whereas now the quick projects are more due to better-funded projects with teams who are (by now) more skilled in doing intranet work. (No shame that the folks back in 2001 didn’t have as much experience: the world was new.)

10 Best Intranets of 2017

by Kara Pernice, Amy Schade, and Patty Caya on January 7, 2017


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