OneDrive for Business – Training

During my 15 years of conmsulting, the change in thinking of my documents has never been so confusining.  Where do I put my files?  After working with over 100 companies, I have come up with some guidelines that will help you decide on where to put the files in question.

Here are some reasons why you would want to OneDrive for Business.

  1. IT is your file and want to keep it private or share with a few people.
  2. You want to control who has access to the file.
  3. lightweigth collaboration – not sure if it iready for prime time.

Here are some reasone why you would want to use a SharePoint team site.

  1. The file belongs to the group.
  2. Permission Management needs to be centralized and controlled by the Site Adminitrator.
  3. You will be collaborating with others.  You need more than a document repository like a mailbos, custom  list, web pages.
  4. You need avanced document features like metadata entry, customized views.

OneDrive for Business is meant to be your “me” place at the office. Basically, if you’re trying to compare it to your File Shares, it could be thought as the new “Home Folders” for users or the new “My Documents”.

The SharPoint Team Site is meant to be the “We” part of the work for you and your team.  In this location, the file isn’t owned or associated to one user, but to a team itself or the Team Site.

Use this infograpic from ShareGate to help you with your decision.


OneDrive for Business Versus SharePoint Team Site

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