Office 365 Governance Infographic: What Tools to Use When for Ultimate User Adoption

Posted by Jill Hannemann on May 22, 2017

Creating Simple Office 365 Governance for Workplace Productivity

Office 365 has a wealth of features all designed to help your workforce be more connected and enabled with means to share, store, collaborate, and secure content. With so many options to simply communicate with your colleague, partner or customer, which workload or tools should you use for what? Our Office 365 governance infographic below can help you cut through the clutter and streamline employee communication and collaboration.

What Tools or Workloads Should Be Used When

The simple answer for most has been email for everything. Even phone conversations are often preceded by an email to alert the person you’re supposed to call that you will in fact be calling. The problem has become a loss of information in email: lost conversations, lost knowledge, and the burying of valuable information surrounded by noise (you know, the email asking Joe if he wants to join you for lunch?).

The Office 365 workloads are intended to help address the problem of lost conversations, lost knowledge, improved knowledge sharing, and keeping water cooler conversations away from important negotiations for your business.

Using a Governance Wheel to Organize Office 365 Workloads

A governance wheel, like the infographic below, is intended to help users quickly understand in context of your business and culture, which tool to use for what activity. These tools aren’t valuable unless everyone is following the same rules and guidelines. Yes, it’s change, and yes, it’s more places to check for updates, but the return from everyone participating can be improved knowledge capture, finding information faster, and keeping the important things away from the not so important things.

This is one example of how you can start getting your team on the same page in regards to Office 365 governance. Let technology help your workforce be more connected, get work done faster, and work with each other more easily saving loads of time. The more employees are working the same way, the more efficient and productive your entire workforce is going to be.

Check out the Office 365 governance infographic below to get an idea of how you can improve the use of Office 365 workloads and tools in your organization.


Learn how you can improve productivity and collaboration in your workforce with Office 365 workloads.

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