Is there a checklist to follow for Exchange migrations to Office 365?

There is a standard process that all migrations take.  I use MigrationWiz in conjunction with DeploymentPro from BitTitan.  I partner with them to make all migrations run smoothly.  These tools allow me to automate most of the process and the Portal allows me to share the progress with my customers.

Here are the Steps for migration to Office 365 from a variety of sources.


  1. Provision users in Office 365
  2. Create and Configure a mailbox Project.
  3. Associate all our mailboxes to the Mailbox project in MigrationWiz.  A domain wide search can be done or you can import from a CSV.  More times than not, I import from a CSV.
  4. Each project comes with a free way to check the credentials.  I recommend doing this before we get started.
  5. At this time, I will perform a speed test with a large email box, this will give us a benchmark on how long the migration could take.
  6. I begin notifying end users that their email will be migrating soon and what to expect.
  7. At the end of the Pre-Migration, we purchase the licenses needed and import them so we can proceed.

One Week Before cutover

  1. Notify users that the migration is about to happen.
  2. We verify credential again to make sure we can do the migration.
  3. The initial pass is a way to migrate up to 95% of the content before we cutover.  This is the most popular strategy.  I use this myself on migration projects.
  4. The Big Bang Process is where we do the migration and the cut over in a single stage.  Used for Smaller migrations, but I have successfully done this with a customer on 1000+ emails.

Day of Migration

  1. Cut over mail flow to the new system in Office 365.  Change the MX records. The DNS info can be obtained from the Office 365 admin portal.
  2. Wait for the cutover info to propagate
  3. Initiate the migration to finish up what has not been pre-migrated.

Day After the Migration

  1. It is recommended to perform a delta migration a couple of days after the migration to make sure that all the lingering email that was still routed to the old source email platform is moved.
  2. Notify users that the emigration is complete and set up their outlook profiles to point to their new Destination
  3. Check for errors and mitigate them.  The license is good for as many migrations attempts that are needed.  Together we will retire the licenses when you are satisfied that all articles are moved.

BCH IT Consulting has moved 1000’s of email users with BitTitan MigrationWiz.  It is the recommended tool to use.  There are many sources and Destinations that are available, so many scenarios are covered.

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