Navigation of a SharePoint Site

SharePoint Site Hierarchy

SharePoint has a specific hierarchy, where sites can be contained within a site collection, and each site is made up of lists and related items:

site hierarchy

No matter what template you are using this hierarchy holds true.  You can also set permisisons on each level, be careful as the more complex your permissions are the harder it is to manage.

What are SharePoint Team Sites?

A SharePoint team site is one of the most commonly used site templates. It includes links to:

  • The team’s document library
  • The team’s shared OneNote notebook
  • A home page where team members can share news and information

It also integrates with Office 365 groups to make setup and management easy. This is the type of SharePoint site you will see throughout this course.

Do you want to learn more?

Brad Holt is an expert in information architecture, taxonomy design, and portal strategy for clients in the Utilities, IT, and Finance industries. He has significant experience in the design, maintenance, and content management of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 on-premises and Office365.  If you need the SharePoint Edge, Contact Brad Holt at:

512-394-8747 or online at The Office 365 Edge.


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