What to Monitor about Office 365

Office 365 roadmap – This is where Microsoft publishes what features are in development, rolling out, launched, etc.

Blogs.office.com –Many updates to Office 365 are announced and described in detail in a single blog. You can use an RSS Reader to follow updates related to Office 365 and filter the posts inside the general blog by the different products in which you are interested. The SharePoint blog is blogs.office.com/SharePoint. However, more and more you will find that Microsoft will announce new features and capabilities in the Tech Community – so make sure you are following the communities listed below.

Office 365 Message Center (for the Office 365 Admin for your Organization). This is where Microsoft posts not only service status information, but also any upcoming features that require your attention.

Microsoft Tech Community – this is the public network community supported and managed by Microsoft. This is the best place post things you are noticing in your environment or questions you might have. Members of the network include the Microsoft product team, MVPs, and a large community of engaged and interested people all over the world. In particular, be sure to follow the Change Alerts space in the network, another really good source of upcoming and just released change information. Below are links to communities that you will likely want to follow, but check out the Communities page to find a complete list of communities you can join.

Yammer Service Updates – Use this link to request access to this External Yammer Group that will show details on some Yammer A/B tests and service communications.

UserVoice for Office 365 – This is a place to provide feedback that Microsoft pays attention to and uses to prioritize updates. You can add your request or “vote” on updates requested by other people. There are also separate user voice areas for some of the products and services within Office 365. For example:

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