Microsoft Graph: The APIs to Office 365’s hidden riches

By , Columnist, InfoWorld | MAR 1, 2017

Microsoft Graph, a collection of APIs that link into many of Microsoft’s core services, is under the hood of several of the newer Office 365 services. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies working with Microsoft’s numerous cloud services, including Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and the new Planner service.

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What is a Office 365 Delta Migration?

You might hear the term Delta Migration and wonder what I am talking about.  It is not a Delta Force reference, or a Sorority reference, it is a term used by migration experts that reference the differences between the first pass migration and what is left to migrate.

A Delta Migration allows the resubmission of a mailbox in order to perform a differential migration pass. MigrationWiz will automatically find data that hasn’t yet been migrated, and migrate only that. In other words, a Delta Pass will find and migrate residual data. In most cases, a Delta Pass will complete much faster than the initial pass.

A Delta Migration allows for the performance of an initial migration and then follows up with a background pass. For example, suppose that there is a lot of data to migrate, limited bandwidth, and the need to switch users to a new email system as quickly as possible. Perform a first pass to migrate only the last 180 days of data, and switch users to the new system. Later, follow up with another pass to migrate the rest of the data in the background.

A Delta Migration also allows for a pre-stage of the data. For example, suppose that an email service contract (or software usage agreement) ends in three weeks and it is necessary to move to a new email system. Start migrating the bulk of the data one week in advance. Closer to the deadline, most of the data has been migrated, and a final Delta Pass should complete much faster. In other words, risk has been minimized.

Finally, suppose that mailbox data has been migrated, and once done, points MX records for the domains to the new Destination email system. It is possible for the Source email system to receive new email while the migration is in progress. It is also possible for the Source email system to continue receiving new email long after switching MX records (due to DNS replication delays). A Delta Migration is a great way to migrate residuals.​

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What are the common migration strategies for Exchange to Office 365?

Here are the most common migration strategies that are performed:

Big Bang Migration:

A single pass migration strategy that will move the entire mailbox in one pass after MX records are cutover.
A typical scenario consists in cutting over on a Friday evening and migrating during the weekend.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Simplest to implement.


  • Migration may potentially not complete in time for various reasons.
    • Users accessing the new system may not have access to all their data when work resumes.
    • Any items created during or after the migration may be missed by a single pass.
    • Downtime may occur for some users if migration fails or takes too long.

Pre-Stage Migration:

A multi-pass migration consists of pre-staging a majority of the data prior to cutover and doing a Full (Delta) Pass after cutover.


  • Majority of data is available at time of cutover.
  • Mitigate migration risks in which the majority of data will be available regardless of availability of source server at time of cutover.


  • Will not propagate updates, deletes, or moves of the items previously migrated in the first migration pass.

Quick-Switch Migration

A quick-switch migration consists of pre-staging only the newest emails. New emails are accessible immediately at time of cutover by users and the remaining data is backfilled over time.


  • Initial migration is quick.
  • Time between cutover and data availability is short.


  • Not all data is available at time of cutover for end users.

The next generation of SMB IT and IT services

Until very recently, we have lived for decades in a world full of technology for its own sake. You know that world: technologies called mainframes, min-computers, PC’s, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBX’s, etc. These were considered necessary for businesses to function.

In this model, SMB’s received their technologies from resellers called VARs (Value-Added Reseller), SIs (Systems Integrator), Interconnects (Telephony VAR) who delivered and maintained this on-premises tech. There wasn’t much in terms of solutions that focused on the business goals and objectives of the buyers, now called “business outcomes.” Today, we have cloud computing and the Modern MSP (Managed Services Provider) instead. Continue reading “The next generation of SMB IT and IT services”

How do I resolve 401 Unauthorized error after deleting and recreating admin accounts in Office 365?

One migration that I was performing I had to recreate the Admin accounts and when I tried to resume the migration.  BAM.  this error occured.  MigrationWiz would not let me move forward unless I got thi figured out.  Turns out it was a simple fix, but due to a bug in Office 365.

Error: Your migration failed. Http POST request to’ failed – 401 Unauthorized.

From the great people at BitTitan – MigrationWiz Team.  Try this to fix the problem.

You may have performed these steps before migration:

  1. A new global admin Office 365 account was created.
  2. The global admin user was deleted.
  3. The user was recreated, with the same UPN.

Though you may be able to log in to this Office 365 account with the respective credentials, if this admin account is involved in the migration, perhaps you will get the 401 error due to a known Office 365 bug.

To fix this bug ,you have to use Windows PowerShell to manage Office 365. You first need to install the Office 365 commandlets. The steps for installing them are as follows:

Then, try these steps:

  1. Run Connect-MsolService and input Office 365 administrator account.
  2. Run Get-MsolUser -ReturnDeletedUsers –SearchString useralias | FL to get the user ObjectID.
  3. Run Remove-MsolUser –ObjectId xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx  -RemoveFromRecycleBin to remove the old deleted user.
  4. Run Get-MsolUser –ReturnDeletedUsers to verify the deleted user account is removed
  5. The PowerShell window will prompt as follows:


Four Best Practices for Executives to stay connected with a Social Business

Executives are busy people.  Often working long hours to make sure the business is running smoother.  The movement to a more Social Business, all employees are looking to Executives to more engaged with the people who work for them.  The rise of Social sites like Facebook, Linkeding, Yammer, and Tumblr, has given a voice to the employees that work for companies.  Executives should embrace this culture shift with open arms to capitalize on the value of knowledge that is with the people in the company.  Here are four best practices that will help executives get the most out of a Social Business.

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To collect is Human, SharePoint provides order

To collect is Human. Do you know what a baroque kunstkammer is?  It is the original File Share, a place where curiosities were stored and looked at by people before computers were mainstream.  Everything was collected, coins, games, books, and other natural and unnatural items.  There was NO order but with the development of library science and taxonomies, these cabinet of curiosities were organized.  File shares are the modern version of the kunstkammer.  It is up to IT to turn these cabinets in to an engine of revenue discovery.  SharePoint Search is becoming an instrumental tool helping IT discover what is out there and organizing it so that knowledge workers can find what they are looking for.

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Is there a checklist to follow for Exchange migrations to Office 365?

There is a standard process that all migrations take.  I use MigrationWiz in conjunction with DeploymentPro from BitTitan.  I partner with them to make all migrations run smoothly.  These tools allow me to automate most of the process and the Portal allows me to share the progress with my customers.

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