What is in an Intranet?

Intranets long ago shed their reputation as a mere document repository. Instead, they now satisfy employees craving for a centralized communication tool that offers both an information portal and ways to collaborate with others at your company.

Today’s intranet is a virtual location that conveys corporate culture as well as offers employee news and services. Your company may already have virtual water coolers that offer slick, polished internal services to some workers, but don’t forget where your intranet fits within your larger digital workplace. Continue reading “What is in an Intranet?”

Microsoft SharePoint Training for Site Administrators

Once a site owner becomes a good SharePoint Stweard, the next step is to become a Site Administrator.  These are the Power User, the Super Users, the Uber Users of SharePoint, you can spend a couple of years learning all this by trial and error or you can get the right training to get up and running with best practices of SharePoint Administration. Continue reading “Microsoft SharePoint Training for Site Administrators”

SharePoint Online Training for Site Owners

Many times a Site User will become a Site Owner.  With more sharepoint power come more sharepoint responsibility.  I have put together a training package that will get site users redy to be site owners in no time.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 courseware is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share documents, exchange ideas, and work together. This course will help experienced SharePoint users learn how to create and manage sites. It will look at changes that have been made to the user interface, show users how to create new sites, libraries, lists, as well as change site settings and manage site options. Continue reading “SharePoint Online Training for Site Owners”

Nintex IS the best for Business Process Automation


I have worked with many customers throughout my career with Nintex to help customers who wanted to get rid of the tiresome, inefficient, manual paper process. What’s worse than relying on the exchange of physical paperwork to conduct business operations? Through Nintex’s leading-edge workflow management software and my knowledge in business process automation , I help companies automate Nintex workflows and content, driving long term productivity and efficiency.

The physical paper exchange process they had in place was outdated, not to mention monotonous, and taking up way too much of the employee’s’ time.

Wondering how your organization could benefit from business process automation? give me a call  at 512-771-9327.

Business process automation (BPA) is a game changer for any organization. First and foremost, it’s a time saver, not only for your employees but for clients or outside vendors involved in the process. Second, think about the consistency of your automated processes once they’re defined, designed and set up to your organization’s needs. All the participants and recipients of the end product now know what to expect, since each automation produces a consistent, reliable result. BPA eliminates room for error, while increasing transparency and accessibility to information captured during the process . We’re only human after all and mistakes do happen. Especially when multi-tasking and heavy workloads are present. When business process automation is implemented, the  processes you have in place become reliable and run smoothly, no matter who is managing or involved in the process. Third, you can track, monitor and report data from automated processes through workflow analytics. Analytics help  you make better business decisions. Finally, it all boils down to cost savings. The reduction in resources required to do a manual task, lowers  the associated cost. Business process automation allows you to do more with less.


Show an Image Based on ListBox Selection in InfoPath

I know, I know, Infopath is not the prefered choice for Form development, but it is still a powerful tool.  Especially for SharePoint admins that are restricted on what they can use to modify forms in thier enviroment.

I worked with a Hostpical SharePoint Admin today to solve one last problem before rolling this form out for general use.  He wanted to show an image based on a selection in a list box.  After some research I was able to build that part of the form and the image pops right up based on the selection.  Here is how we did it.   Continue reading “Show an Image Based on ListBox Selection in InfoPath”

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